Treatment Areas

Most long-term pain in our body that is accompanied by feeling unwell and being unable to function properly, reflects simultaneous problems in several functional systems. For example, feeling restricted in our movements and functions, together with a general sensation of reduced vitality. Other common conditions represent real damage to tissues due to recurring injuries, sport injuries, or injury to the structure and function of spinal intervertebral discs, recurring headaches, abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, constant tiredness, chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, and so on.

Structural integration

This therapeutic method focuses on treating the fascia sheath, which is the connective tissue enveloping all the organs in our body. The fascia is the key to a considerable part of our body’s postures and pain mechanisms.

Neuro-visceral adjustment

Neuro-visceral manipulation is an important diagnostic and therapeutic tool, derived from the world of osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Health coaching

Health coaching is a new, rapidly developing field that is increasingly pursued at hospitals and by physicians, nurses, and many other medical and paramedical professionals.