Vagus nerve stimulation

INTERVENTION - The intervention stage

Course contents

Enrichment course on neural stimulation

Neuro-visceral therapy is an integrative therapy designed to facilitate the functioning and balance of the internal body systems and the relationships between them.

The course will teach treatment tools and dedicated treatment dynamics focused on relieving medical problems that often erupt on a mental background, for example: abdominal and headaches, allergies, sleep disorders and shortness of breath and more.

It is a significant therapeutic tool taken from the world of osteopathy and physiotherapy that is used as an independent treatment tool or as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool that supports parallel treatment methods.

It is a non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technique that focuses on the central nervous system and pelvis and is intended for health disorders with a chronic and behavioral background.

As part of a small and intimate learning group. This learning capsule will allow you to internalize complex and special techniques in an easy and profound experiential way, while practicing in a controlled manner and developing the skill needed to initiate a healing process.

This method of treatment has proven to be the preferred method for treating a wide range of different conditions in which all other attempts have failed. These techniques can be combined to support fertility treatments, alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia and the symptoms of diffuse pain.

Enrichment session for qualified therapists

Learn to feel anatomy. In-depth learning of the central nervous system with the help of Surface Anatomy topographic anatomy that allows recognition of the location of organs in an absorbing, easy and experiential way

A gentle and precise treatment protocol focused on neural influence channels such as structural stimulation of the central nervous system, anatomical meridians, and the relationships between them.

Familiarity with the movement of the skull bones, the spinal canal and sacrum, cranio-sacral fluid and techniques that do not involve pain during treatment, adapted for those suffering from chronic and diffuse pain

Familiarity with models for initiating a positive therapeutic relationship and practicing dynamic treatment tools, necessary to promote and initiate the process of Western healing of the body integrated in the mind.

Important course information

Group location

Meet in the center of Tel Aviv as part of the "salon training" in a small capsule of 8 participants

Terms of participation

Therapeutic background, with valid professional liability insurance in one of the contact professions and basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology

Who am I

Tamir Tzemach, therapist, coach and senior lecturer. For the past 25 years he has cared for, taught and built multi-year curricula for well-known groups, organizations and schools of complementary medicine. Since 1997, Tamir has had an active private clinic under his management, located in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

The professional training courses were built in the belief that treatment is an accurate and practical process, with clear results that can be quantified and measured, which must have a noticeable effect already during the first treatment.

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Starting on Wednesday January 6th 6 consecutive sessions (Chance of change according to quarantine laws)






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