Neuro-Visceral Adjustment

“Neuro-visceral manipulation is an important diagnostic and therapeutic tool, derived from the world of osteopathy and physiotherapy.
Neuro-visceral adjustment serves as an independent therapeutic tool or a supportive therapeutic and diagnostic tool as part of naturopathy, with the aim of alleviating pain or suboptimal function of the body’s various systems.”
This is a non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic technique focused on the center of the body (abdomen, chest, and head) for treatment and healing, in conditions including persistent pain, impaired mobility, breathing difficulties, etc.
This treatment method has proved itself as the preferred therapeutic approach for a wide variety of different conditions, including support for fertility treatments, rehabilitation after pregnancy and birth, alleviating common conditions following Caesarean section, period and abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, breathing difficulties, cluster and migraine headache, fibromyalgia, etc. This category also includes lymphatic treatment for congestion and edema.
This treatment strengthens the link between our behavior, our body’s posture, freedom of mobility, and overall sense of vitality and health.
Neuro-visceral adjustment is an integrative complementary method for diagnosing and treating pain and a variety of functional disorders.
This treatment method is highly practical and concrete, offering the patient rapid tangible results without physical effort or any pain experience during treatment.