Integrative training focused on the central nervous system

Advanced learning and skills development group for therapists

Course contents

These sessions are the connection point between body and mind, which add powerful treatment tools, which integrate into the personal style of each participant and form the basis for advanced therapies focused on the central nervous system.

Learn to feel anatomy. A unique teaching approach, which combines the acquisition of in-depth anatomical knowledge And ways of implementing it in practice, on an experiential and absorbing level

Practicing the sympathetic and parasympathetic neural response channels and ways to examine the vagal tone

Direct and indirect effects on the nervous system and ways to harness them for the treatment process

Familiarity with "psycho-biological" indices is the basis for the body and mind treatment processes.

Important course information

Location and group

Meet in the center of Tel Aviv, we will be a small and focused learning group The eight participants

Terms of participation

Therapeutic background, with valid professional liability insurance in one of the contact professions and basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology

Who am I

Tamir Tzemach, therapist, coach and senior lecturer. Over the past 25 years, he has cared for, taught and built multi-year curricula for dominant groups, organizations and schools of complementary medicine. Since 1997, Tamir has had an active private clinic under his management, located in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

The professional trainings were built in the belief that treatment is an accurate and powerful process, with clear measurable results that must have a noticeable effect already during the first treatment.

Dates, times, places and cost


08-07-2020 to 05-08-2020


10: 00-14: 00 Wednesday days




There are 4 spots left



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