“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

(Dr Andrew Taylor Still, the father of osteopathy)

I dedicated the past twenty five years to learning and teaching and to more profound understanding the structure of the human body and promoting its health. Early diagnosis, varied therapeutic tools, the teaching of healing and pain relief techniques that you can apply yourself, these are only some of the basic principles on which treatment is founded at my clinic.

Sherry Arisson hosts Tamir Semah “The way to elevation and to inner peace”

Structural integration

This therapeutic method focuses on treating the fascia sheath, which is the connective tissue enveloping all the organs in our body. The fascia is the key to a considerable part of our body’s postures and pain mechanisms.

Neuro-visceral adjustment

Neuro-visceral manipulation is an important diagnostic and therapeutic tool, derived from the world of osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Health coaching

Health coaching is a new, rapidly developing field that is increasingly pursued at hospitals and by physicians, nurses, and many other medical and paramedical professionals.


Tamir Semah, N.D., PSCI Therapist, trainer, and senior lecturer in naturopathy, structural integration, visceral treatment, personal and group health and training, and strategic consultation.

The clinic

Since 1997 Tamir owns and manages his own practice.
The clinic is found in an easy to reach location, for those who come from within or from outside of Tel Aviv, and is located on the border of Ramat Aviv and Maoz Aviv neighborhoods, towards Tel Baruch area, right next to Ayalon Road and the ‘Kakal’ interchange (Keren Kayemet LeIsrael avenue), Rokach boulevard, and the University railway station.
Parking place is found.

His clients number a great many well-known personalities, opinion leaders, and trailblazers in Israel and worldwide.